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A tumblelog dedicated to the fastest Korean speed rapper. I do not own any of the pictures/videos here, otherwise stated.
Feel free to submit or ask any questions! ^^
I'm currently looking for translators, so feel free to apply, or @ my personal tumblr as I'll be there more often and this isn't a linked blog.
P.S. Blog isn't complete.


저희는 결혼식 잘 치르고 신혼여행 중이랍니다. 발리 반얀트리에서 꿈같은 시간을 보내고 지금은 싱가폴 마리나베이샌즈 호텔에서 마지막 일정을 마감하는 중이에요. 따뜻한 축하와 축복해주신 여러분의 마음 늘 잊지않고 사랑하고, 살아갈께요. 한국에서 만나요~~~

Our wedding went well and now we are in honeymoon trip. We had a wonderful time in Panyan Tree, Bali and now we are at Marina bay sands hotel in Singapore to finish up our trip. Thank you so much for all of your great wishes and congratulations. We’ll never forget you in our life. See you in Korea~~

[translated by busyatom]